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Kate Clairmont, Founder, Readwell

As a doctoral student studying children’s literature and fairy tales at Princeton University, Kate Clairmont says, “I think a lot about what kids are reading and how they’re reading.” Not surprisingly, most are doing so through e-books or other forms of digital content. What kind of books, stories and articles are they reading—and how good is […]

Jay Loomis, PhD candidate in Music, Brown University

As part of a grant project, Jay—a doctoral candidate in Music at Brown University—used 3-D printing to create replicas of ancient wind instruments. Like all good innovators, he was motivated to solve a problem.  “These instruments were created to make sound,” he says. “But many of them are in museums behind glass.” Adapting existing 3-D […]

Eric Schultz, Co-Founder, Ocean Genomics

Eric Schultz has been at the forefront of disruptive innovation in technology for 40 years, creating new products, services and companies. But nothing in his career—in which he has led breakthroughs in computing, smartphones and the mobile internet—compares with this particular moment. “It is a wildly exciting time,” he says. “Medicine is fast becoming a […]

Tracy Stopler, Registered Dietitian, President, Nutrition, E.T.C. Inc.

Registered dietitian Tracy Stopler understands the complexities of losing those extra pounds. “There isn’t one path to weight loss,” she said. “So we wanted to incorporate various methods beyond dietary counseling.” To that end, Tracy began offering her clients the opportunity to walk, as well as talk. “We know that physical activity as an important […]